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Our mission

At Space-Fit Ltd, our mission is to redefine space rehabilitation by developing advanced solutions that improve the physical well-being of astronauts returning from space missions.

We also aim to enhance the effectiveness of training during space flights and preparations, providing a comprehensive approach to astronaut health and performance.


Our groundbreaking innovation designed for astronauts during rehabilitation and space travel.

It features integrated dry electrodes and biosensors, eliminating the need for water or conductive gel.

This allows for efficient impulse transmission and precise stimulation.

The Space Wear also includes biosensors to accurately monitor physical condition and training intensity.

Our WB-EMS technology has a long history in sports, fitness, and rehabilitation. By sending electrical impulses through skin electrodes, it boosts metabolism and improves training effectiveness.

This powerful tool is crucial in addressing muscle and bone loss during space travel, which traditional methods can’t fully address. It also benefits individuals with muscle atrophy due to aging, diseases, or sedentary lifestyles, promoting better health.

What sets us apart

Space-Fit SmartWear is a rehabilitation system that helps astronauts regain their muscle mass 3 times faster by using an electrical stimulating bodysuit with biosensors to create a customizable treatment plan.

Smart Wear suit with dry electrodes and biosensors


Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Other rehabilitation purposes

Compact solution

About our team

At Space-Fit Ltd, our diverse team of experts, including bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, medical and design engineers, economists, and legal experts, has over 10 years of experience in developing and manufacturing medically certified WB-EMS devices.

With our combined expertise and unwavering dedication to advancing space rehabilitation, we create WB-EMS Space Wear specifically designed to meet the unique needs of astronauts and deliver exceptional results.

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